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1 December 24, 2018


1. Ignat Ignatov
Carbonaceous Fullerene Containing Nano Mineral Shungite. Properties for Purification of Water Detoxification of Human Body

Nanotechnology Research and Practice, 2018, 5(1): 3-13.
DOI: 10.13187/nrp.2018.5.3CrossRef

Shungite is amorphous, uncrystallized, fullerene analogous carbon containing natural mineral. Shungite carbon is a fossilized organic material of sea bottom Precambrian sediments of high level of carbonization containing the fullerene-like regular structures. Shungite got its name after the village of Shunga in Karelia (Russian Federation), located on the shore of Onezhskoe Lake, where is located Zazhoginsky deposit. The total shungite reserves of Zazhoginsky deposit amount to approximately 35 million tons. The plant production capacity for the mining and processing of shungite makes up 200 thousand tons of shungite per year. We study the properties of shungite for purification of water and detoxification of human body. In the report the authors show the properties for purification of water. There are basic data for detoxification of human body with water solution of shungite.

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