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1Ignat Ignatov[Болгария], Oleg Mosin[Россия]The Structure and Composition of Carbonaceous Fullerene Containing Mineral Shungite and Microporous Crystalline Aluminosilicate Mineral Zeolite2014, March1702
2Behtouei Mostafa[Италия], Maleki Sheikh Abadi Amin[Италия], Ebrahim Heidari Samiromi[Иран]Effects of the Rashba and the Dresselhaus Spin-orbit Interactions on the Quantum Transport and Spin Filtering in a Three-terminal Quantum Ring2015, March1409
3Evgenii P. Prokop'ev[Россия]The Atom of Positronium in the Ionic Crystal2014, September1338
4Farshad Farahbod[Иран], Ahmad reza Mohammadi[Иран]The Experimental Investigation of Production of Formaldehyde2015, March1328
5Mostafa Behtouei[Италия], Amin Maleki Sheikh Abadi[Италия]Effects of the Magnetic Flux and the Rashba and the Dresselhaus Interactions on the Tunneling Nanoscale Magnetoresistance of a Three-Terminal Quantum Ring2015, June1317
6Ignat Ignatov[Болгария], Oleg Mosin[Россия]The Mathematical Model of Interaction of Carbonaceous Fullerene Containing Mineral Shungate and Microporous Crystalline Aluminosilicate Mineral Zeolite with Water2015, March1244
7P. Anitha[Индия], Haresh M. Pandya[Индия]Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Nano Hydroxyapatite Via a Novel Sol Gel Method2014, September1234
8Ignat Ignatov[Болгария], Oleg Mosin[Россия], Hugo Niggli[Швейцария], Christos Drossinakis[Германия]Evaluating of Possible Methods and Approaches for Registering Electromagnetic Waves Emitted From the Human Body2014, June1227
9Oleg Mosin[Россия], Ignat Ignatov[Болгария]The Natural Phototransforming Photochrome Membrane Protein Bacteriorhodopsin From Purple Membranes of Halobacterium Halobacterium Halobium2014, March1219
10Elena L. Busygina[Россия]Electronic Structure of C76 Fullerite2014, June1209

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